STORE: Electricity for web3

Cloud computing that is owned, funded, monetized, and governed by the world
STORE is democratized and autonomous high-performance cloud computing. By incentivizing verifiable, AI-powered infrastructure owned and governed by the world, STORE decentralizes ownership economics to the growing $550 Billion cloud, $250 Billion data storage, $2 Trillion crypto, and $1 Trillion AI industries.

STORE’s Byzantine Fault Tolerant and vertically integrated architecture enables autonomous token economies to emerge, unlocking new paradigms for monetizing the cloud, blockchain, entertainment, media, sports, and AI economies. STORE provides shared crypto-economic security and BFT governance for developers and creators on its vast trust-minimized cloud, blockspace, AI, and cross-chain infrastructure.

$STORE is the unit of account in the multi-currency, gasless, and digital STORE economy.
Core Belief
a one token, many-utility protocol unlocks a mass adopted web3, not modularity.
STORE Explorer Demo
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