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Senior Blockchain Engineer - Storecoin


MS in Software or related engineering with 3+ years of full time working experience or BA/BS in Software or related engineering with 5+ years of experience.

Job summary:

You are changing the status quo with public blockchains. Existing blockchains are inherently slow or centralized. Storecoin wants to change that with its BlockFin consensus protocol. With its innovative approach, BlockFin brings scalability and decentralization to public blockchains. You are responsible for architecting, implementing, deploying, and securing Storecoin blockchain powered by BlockFin.


Public blockchains are either highly scalable or decentralized, but rarely both. High throughput and decentralization are necessary for blockchains to be useful in solving practical use cases, such as decentralized payment processing, storage and computational services, etc. Storecoin invented a novel approach to solve the high throughput and decentralization dilemma with its BlockFin consensus protocol. As a senior protocol engineer, you are responsible for:

Designing the BlockFin consensus protocol primitives so they can be deployed securely in untrusted environments
Implementing the protocol
Creating necessary testing infrastructure to verify the protocol behavior in a large peer-to-peer network
Instrumenting catastrophic failure handlers, so any security breaches can be identified and serious damages prevented automatically
Automatic deployment of software patches and enhancements over a large number of geographically distributed network nodes
Securing the network.
Strong desire to change the status quo.
Experience in distributed secure computing, especially in a peer-to-peer setup.
Some experience in cryptography in the area of public key management and signature schemes.
Experience in secure coding practices and ability to audit the code in a large scale project.
Experience in Javascript in Node.js environment and scaling with Node.js. Similar experience in Python/Go is fine too.
Experience in automated testing and deployment.


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